March 5, 2018

School prospectus design: Turner Free School, Folkestone

HHCreative were approached by The Turner Free School to create a prospectus for their new School in Folkestone. It was a tricky brief as the school didn’t officially exist yet, with no buildings and no pupils to take photos of, which meant our response had the ‘sell the dream’ (so-to-speak) of what it would be like to be a pupil there. However, this was the sort of challenge we love as it really gave us the chance to use our imagination.

The message that the client wanted to convey was that there was another choice in the area for secondary education. Bearing this in mind, we took inspiration from the book within the TFS logo and created the ‘new chapter in education’ idea, which brought the logo to life, making it a vehicle to present the content of the prospectus, which was created in a pop-up book style.