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Art Direction: FMCG: Press Poster Campaign: Nestle

Art Direction: FMCG: Press Advertising: Nestle

The story:
After my time at Work Comms I was offered a role as an Art Director at JWT London, and this is a press advert I created to promote Nestle Heaven chocolates, as part of the ‘Heaven can’t wait’ integrated ad campaign.

The challenge in the brief was to promote the chocolates as a gift, while at the same time finding a way of showing how the target market couldn’t wait to eat them. The art direction also had to have a luxurious feel, therefore the idea of placing the asterisk after the headline, as a subtle caveat , became a way of communicate that message.

I was responsible for creating the idea behind the graphic and art directed the photoshoot. I used an in-house typographer to render the headline that I had created in my original scamp.

My copywriter partner and I also created a 10 second video tag which appeared at the end of the TV commercial that was running at the time.

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