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Social Media Content: Chipshop Awards: Nomination

Social Media Content: Chipshop Awards: Nomination

The story:
Taking part in ‘One Minute Briefs’ has been a great way of generating content for both Hairyhand and HH creative’s social channels. The brief is tweeted at the beginning of the day, then creatives tweet their responses.

Another entry into ‘One Minute Briefs’, this time a simple poster idea created as a response to advertise ‘Bras’.
The idea was a result of having viewed a list of common text message emoticon symbols not long before the brief was set. Noticing the (oYo) symbol in the list, it seemed only right that WonderBra was the right brand for the idea.

It was submitted to the #ChipshopAwards in 2013 and received a nomination for an award.

Chipshop Awards

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