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Art Direction: Education: Bespoke illustrated school prospectus

Bespoke illustrated school prospectus: The Folkestone School for Girls: 2019

The story:
After successfully producing the first bespoke illustrated school prospectus in 2015, The Folkestone School for Girls were keen to keep with the illustrated direction for their 2019 version, while updating some of the content. New elements to the existing design were the addition of an island for the cover, the new Principal to the ‘Welcome Aboard’ spread, darkening the sky behind the tidal wave in the ‘Safe Harbour’ spread, and the addition of two totally new spreads; ‘Setting Direction’ and ‘Voyage of discovery. For these new pages I created and scamped up the idea for the spreads then commissioned Kate Evans to execute the illustrations.
This year’s folder included a 4pp insert, which I also designed and Art Directed.





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