Hairy hand businessman holding phone
October 5, 2016

Hairyhand Stock Imagery on Shutterstock

Hairyhand Creative Agency has released it’s first ever Stock Imagery, with the help of Owen Smith Photography. The images are…

Spam Email Social Content Hairyhand
July 15, 2016

Spam Emails: Project

Like most people, the agency gets tonnes of spam email of which some make us laugh, so we thought we’d…

OneMinuteBrief Robot Wars response Hairyhand
February 9, 2016

Robot Wars: One Minute Brief

OMB Entry 8 Feb 2016: Robot Wars Yesterdays brief was to advertise the return of Robot Wars, once a hit…

OneMinuteBrief Earthhour response Hairyhand
January 21, 2016

WWF Earth Hour: One Minute Brief

OMB Entry 19 Jan 2016: WWF Earth Hour 3 entries into Tuesday’s’s brief to advertise WWF’s annual Earth Hour event,…

OneMinuteBrief Carrots response Hairyhand
January 19, 2016

Carrots: One Minute Brief: Win!

OMB Entry 18 Jan 2016: Carrots Great news – Another Win! Monday’s brief  was to advertise Carrots. To help find our…

social media content creation Hairyhand
January 12, 2015


The internet is full of oh-so-serious Life Quotes/Inspirational Quotes, so here’s our not-so-serious take on one of many of them.