One Minute Briefs sunbeds concept
January 29, 2018

Latest @OneMinuteBrief Wins

Before Christmas I returned to entering @OneMinute briefs. It’s a great way of exercising your creative brain, as well as…

OneMinuteBrief Pancake Day response Hairyhand
February 11, 2016

Pancake Day: One Minute Brief

OMB Entry 9 Feb 2016: Pancake Day Tuesdays brief was to advertise Pancake day. For our response we used a…

OneMinuteBrief Robot Wars response Hairyhand
February 10, 2016

Robot Wars: One Minute Brief: Win!

OMB Entry 8 Feb 2016: Robot Wars A win.. for Mondays brief to advertise the return of Robot Wars, once…

OneMinuteBrief Hair Restoration response Hairyhand
February 8, 2016

Hair Restoration Ziering UK: One Minute Brief

OMB Entry 29 Jan 2015: Hair Restoration Ziering UK The brief was to advertise Ziering UK, a hair restoration business…

OneMinuteBrief DavidBowie response Hairyhand
January 14, 2016

David Bowie Tribute: One Minute Brief

OMB Entry 11 Jan 2016: David Bowie Tribute Poster Monday was a sad day for music and creativity a-like, with…

OneMinuteBrief drawn blind response Hairyhand
January 11, 2016

Draw Blind: One Minute Brief

OMB Entry 18 Jan 2016: Draw Blind The brief was to advertise Draw blind, a new twitter account by the…