OneMinuteBrief Facelifts response Hairyhand
November 25, 2015

Facelifts: One Minute Brief

OMB Entry 12 Oct 2015: Facelifts Another entry for One Minute Briefs, this time to advertise Facelifts. Sadly no win,…

OneMinuteBrief Hanging baskets response Hairyhand
August 3, 2015

Hanging baskets: One Minute Brief

OMB Entry 3 Aug 2015: Hanging baskets Our first entry, in what seems like ages, for One Minute Briefs, this…

social media content creation Hairyhand
January 13, 2015


It seems the world has gone portmanteau word crazy, so here’s a few we’ve invented to add to our #DictionHairy…

social media content creation Hairyhand
January 12, 2015


The internet is full of oh-so-serious Life Quotes/Inspirational Quotes, so here’s our not-so-serious take on one of many of them.

Video production by Hairyhand
November 4, 2014

Video: The latest Hairyhand promotional video goes live!

Video: Our Latest video goes live It’s live – our new concept-based promotional video, kicking off our latest advertising campaign, ‘Hairyhand…

October 17, 2014

Logo design: The Codfather

Logo design The Codfather asked us to update their logotype. The original design pictured the cod as an aggressive, bulldog-looking…